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Sweet Adelines Region 25 Competition 2016- LIVE from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Welcome to the Sweet Adelines International Region 25 Competition for 2016. This is the OFFICIAL Live Webcast page!

Sweet Adelines Region 25 Competition 2016- LIVE from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Thank you for Purchasing the 2016 Competition! NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR VIEWING THE ARCHIVED VIDEOS:

Easiest Method:

1. Select the video you want to watch, right click, and select "Open in New Window".  This works very well! We do hope to have a little better interface up soon.

2. Alternate Method:

Use the refresh button between videos, to reload the browser page. Simply select the video you'd like, then a round, white start button will pop up near the top of the window. Press play, then maximize the window by simply clicking on the double arrow at the lower right corner of the video! 

Welcome back to the 2016 Sweet Adelines International Region 25 Competition! The event will be broadcast LIVE from the Cox Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma! The broadcast will start at approximately 2:00PM on Friday, March 11. It will conclude at about 7pm on Saturday. Since the starting time may vary slightly, you may see the stream go on and off several times as we test the speed, etc. Please be assured that the show will be broadcast as soon as it starts!
Streaming Tips: Make sure you have a good internet connection of at least DSL or greater. Wired connections are always best! Fortunately, we are broadcasting from the Cox center in Tulsa, which has a direct fiber connection (very high speed). Also, please make sure your PC or Mac is well updated and you are using a fairly current machine. Older machines (Vista, XP, etc) may not work as well. We recommend using Google Chrome browser. It is free to download, directly from Google's website. We will also be monitoring the actual broadcast onsite via a paid account just like yours, to ensure that the stream is indeed going out properly and is working perfectly. That way, we know immediately if the signal is not going out to the web, so rest assured we will know if there's a problem. Your connection is key- if you are not sure about your connection, please ask your Internet provider how you can check the speed of it. Or, there are numerous free speed test websites available via Google where you can simply click and check your speed. In order to ensure perfect results, your download speed should be at least 5-6 Mbps or higher. Dial-up, mobile data, or slow internet may work, but is not recommended for this broadcast.

More about the event:
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  • use hashtag: #SAI25
For any information or questions please view our FAQ's and support page

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